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Carpet Cleaning

We clean all wall to wall carpets in all 5 boroughs. Sometimes dirt is not obvious so for this reason you should have your carpets cleaned every year or two. The way come carpet fibers are made they conceal dirt, for this reason it works its way down into the fibers due to traffic. The dirt will remain in your carpet where it gets ground in through daily traffic use. This can cause damage to the carpet, dull the color, and create an unpleasant odor in your home or office. Dirt, dust, dander can also cause allergies and asthma symptoms. If you want your carpet to look and smell good and healthy for a long time invest in a carpet cleaning services by NYC Carpet Cleaners. Our professionals will remove dirt, add a deodorizer which helps freshen your carpet. Regular carpet cleaning also helps keep the color of your carpet more livelily for longer. We offer free estimates, emergency service, hassle free experience, safe solutions, both residential and commercial services and discounted rates.

What Makes NYC Carpet Cleaners Different?

There are many other carpet cleaning firms in the area, the reason why you should select NYC Carpet Cleaners? What makes us different from the rest? Well, our carpet cleaning and also related services are delivered in accordance to the following solid principles that the staff wholeheartedly endorse. The staff goals to provide unwavering quality carpet care with guarantees 100% customer happiness. Carpet cleaning service using revolutionary cleaning machines to ensure top quality of service. Reliable as well as responsive cleaning service that are available round-the-clock. Highly qualified specialists who possess extensive background checks to give customers the guarantee that their property is in very good, skilled hands. Further, our team makes sure that after we leave your premises, you will enjoy a surrounding free from allergies, dirt, dust mites and also every other microscopic pollutants that may compromise your good health.

Carpet Cleaning From the Professionals

At NYC Carpet Cleaners, we know that each and every carpet cleaning circumstance is unique, which explains why we begin our cleaning service with a thorough examination of the carpet, finding as well as observing any specific high-traffic or seriously soiled places. Afterwards, our cleaning specialists actually make use of our revolutionary and also useful techniques to take away debris and ground-in dust that may not be noticeable or perhaps noticeable to human’s nude eye.

NYC Carpet Cleaners Range of Services

Our company offers state-of-the-art eco-friendly cleaning, steam cleaning shampoo cleaning and deep cleaning in all 5 boroughs. We have highly trained, experts, as well as adept staff to clean your carpet. We also offer deep carpet cleaning without leaving any scratch or damage at your carpet. Our team additionally takes pride with any cleaning options we offer. After our cleaning carpets are usually dry within a few hours. Our cleanings are all child and pet safe. We clean all residential and commercial carpets at any hour of the day; early mornings, regular business hours, late evenings, weekends and holidays.

Cleaning Options We Offer

We offer several different types of cleaning available.

Steam Cleaning:

This option offers a nice refreshing cleaning of your wall-to-wall carpet, steam cleaning is a great option when carpets are either in good shape and has virtually no stains.

Shampoo Cleaning:

If a carpet one is more than a few months old and contains some light stains or spills, the right shampoo brings it to its former glory in no time.

Deep Cleaning:

If for example, the carpet has extensive stains or is really dirty, deep cleaning is its only hope.

Ultimate Cleaning Service:

If your carpet has major stains and heavy damage, this is the ideal cleaning package for you. If you are thinking about replacing the carpet, try this process first, it could save you hundreds. The heaviest stains like pet stains, juice, and foods aren't any match for our cleaning process.

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