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Area Rug Cleaning

Does your area rug need cleaning? Are there stains or odors you cannot remove? Is it just time for a cleaning? If you answered yes to any of these questions you came to the right place. At NYC Carpet Cleaners we have professionally been cleaning rugs since 1990 and always looking for new ways to get rugs cleaned better, safer and cheaper. We will keep your rugs thoroughly clean and free of dust. Our services are open to all the residents. We offer free estimates, free pick-up, free delivery, same day pick up, emergency service, hassle free experience, safe cleaning solutions, both residential and commercial services and discounted rates.

Cleaning Options & Processes

We have a few cleaning options because not all rugs need the same cleaning methods...

Steam Cleaning

This process is usually performed on site because the amount of water used is minimal.

This process is usually made for synthetic or nylon rugs that just require freshening up.

Shampoo Cleaning

This process is usually performed off site for rugs that are stained because a lot of water needs to be used for successful results.

This process is usually made for all rugs that just require stain removal.

Pool Wash

This process is performed off site for rugs that are badly stained, have odors, water or fire damaged (flood) because the rugs are soaked in an actual pool of cleaning fluids.

This process is usually made for all rugs that require major stain removal.

No matter which option you and our cleaning expert chooses, know that your rug will be returned cleaned, sanitized, odor free and residue free and without any damages

Pet Stains and Odor

One of the worst smells is a pet odor/stain. Trying to get the odor/stain out completely on your own is impossible. A professional cleaning is the only way to remove it completely. With the cleaning at NYC Carpet Cleaners we will not mask the odor/stain we will remove it safely without toxic products, damage or residue. All of our pet odor/stain cleaning are very thorough. The rugs must be picked up, cleaned in our climate controlled facility and returned back in usually a week. If there is more than 1 odor/stain we will first treat each odor/stain then clean the entire rug. We offer larger discounts on multiple rug cleaning no matter what type of cleaning they require.

Water/Flooding Mold/Mildew

Washing machine overflow? Pipe burst? Toilet back up? Rain water? Sewer spillage? No matter how it happened itโ€™s a mess. We at NYC Carpet Cleaners are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your water issue needs. We will come over, inspect the rug, give you an exact cost and pick up your rug for cleaning. We will first extract the water, steam the rug then do a deep cleaning or pool submersion on your rug. After that process is complete we will hang and steam your rug alongside of our mildew and most prevention solutions. The rug will be dried with our high tech heat drying system which will ultimately leave your rug soft to the touch when it is returned. We also offer a rug protection service which will help with any spillage on your rug.

Our Promise

No matter what sort of rug you have, no matter how long your rug has not been cleaned for you will always get the best cleaning, at the most reasonable rates with safe and deep cleaning.

We will work very hard to get all stains and odors out of your rug. If you are unhappy with our service we will clean it again at no extra charge.

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Area Rug Cleaning

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